Why testify?

Testifying at a public hearing is one of the most effective ways for any member of the public to engage with the legislative process and shape the bills that become laws in our state. Lawmakers depend on your input for policy decision making. When you testify, you explain an issue and share your personal lived experience to let legislators know how a bill will impact real people.

How to testify:

1. Find out which committee is considering the bill you want to provide testimony for.

2. Visit the sign-up link.

3. Choose between in-person, remote or written testimony.

4. Select “By Committee and Hearing Item”.

5. Select the committee.

6. Select the meeting time (from the drop-down menu).

7. Select the item you would like to testify on (from the drop-down menu).

8. Fill out the form, indicating that you are commenting on behalf of yourself. If you are a designated representative of a business or organization, you can indicate that.

9. You should receive a confirmation email.