Thank you for your interest in high impact careers at the Alliance! We are always eager to connect with mission-driven jobseekers and strive to be an organization at which everyone can thrive. The following statements guide our team culture and structure. If these resonate with you, we would love to receive your application!


We intentionally create and nurture a culture that is innovative, collaborative and flexible. As a team, we are solutions-oriented and strive to move through tensions in a healthy way. Diversity, equity and inclusion are shared values that guide our work. We uplift our team members and approach our work with joy and camaraderie. Our self-motivated and self-accountable team delivers a high-quality product and intentionally cultivates opportunities for cross-pollination to advance the mission of the organization.


Our ideal staff structure is equitable and intuitive to our team and to others. Expectations are clear and employees take initiative, ownership and agency over their areas of responsibility. Our structure values and rewards personal and professional growth; it is stable yet adaptable. We celebrate diversity and seek right relationship and balance between the different functional areas of the organization. Effective processes enable an abundant flow of information and resources to advance our mission.

We agree to…

Be accountable to ourselves, the team and the mission of The Alliance.

Trust each other, have each other’s back, assume positive intent and seek to understand.

Bring fun and humility to all we do and ground our work in equity.


In line with our values of equity and regeneration, The Alliance strives to be an accessible employer with competitive salaries and benefits. Benefits for full time positions include:

  • Health and dental insurance with 100% employer paid premiums
  • Retirement plan with a 3% match
  • Paid parental leave
  • Generous vacation and sick leave
  • Two-week-long, organization-wide break in late December


Regenerative Agriculture Program Manager

Transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices is one of the most effective solutions to addressing the climate crisis. The Regenerative Agriculture Program Manager will be responsible for developing and advancing the agricultural work of The Coalition for a Regenerative Future.  This is a unique opportunity that will allow you to join a trailblazing network of change agents who are working to build Colorado forward towards a more equitable and climate smart future! Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Front Desk Assistant

The Front Desk Assistant is responsible for setting an individual’s first impression of The Alliance Center, our LEED Platinum coworking and event space. This is a critical position and we are looking for a unique person to join our team who is adept at engaging people as well as providing key backend administrative support to enable increased operational efficiencies. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.