Join The Coalition for a Regenerative Future! Every human-made system—from the way we produce food to the regulations that govern society—can transform to be in service to life. Coalition for a Regenerative Future members make a difference every day towards projects that will transform our current extractive, exploitative systems into ones that restore, renew and heal both people and the planet.

We recognize how important it is that folks know what they are paying for and what they are receiving. Membership in The Coalition is an investment in the work and in the community, furthering the goal of a regenerative future for us all. We are creating a holistic ecosystem that invites participation from everyone. To function in true regenerative fashion, we urge our community to give more than they take and never take more than they need, ensuring that everyone has enough.

The Coalition is expanding nationally! This will create pathways for members across the country to cross pollinate ideas, import and export scalable solutions and unite social and environmental movements. All members who join in 2023 will be designated Founding Members of The Coalition. 

Member Benefits

Membership Rates

The Coalition is launching a regenerative fee structure that asks each member to donate annually to demonstrate the value of this movement and help regenerate it year after year. The menu below provides an overview of the payment structure. When you sign up to officially join, our platform will guide you through the payment process depending on the level you select. 

What To Expect

The process to sign up should take you five minutes or less as long as you have the following information ready:

  • Name and contact information for the membership’s primary point of contact.
  • For organizational members only: estimated annual revenue, staff size and staff demographics. Please also be ready to identify the key focus areas of your work from a menu of topics. 
  • The amount you wish to pay for your annual membership dues. We will follow up with an invoice for this amount.
We will not share your information with anyone, though we do aggregate the data to demonstrate the strength and size of this movement!

Suggested annual membership dues are as follows: 

  • Individuals: $500 per year.
  • Nonprofit organizations: $2,500 per year.
  • For-profit organizations: $5,000 per year. 
However, we encourage members to contribute according to their unique financial realities. If you or your organization can afford to contribute more, please consider doing so.