Voting for Systems Level Change

Why Vote?

The Alliance exists to bring people together to solve systemic problems. This often takes the form of powerful, cross-sector partnerships that drive innovative solutions. Through collaboration, we have influenced 44 state laws, revolutionized policy development, tested groundbreaking sustainable technology and amplified the work of hundreds of individuals and organizations striving to create meaningful change.

This progress takes place year-round, but the outcomes of this work often hinge on one single day: Election Day. Although voting may seem like a purely individual act, it is actually an act of collaboration. By casting your vote, you join your voice with millions of other voices to build a better future for us all. Bold and comprehensive climate legislation, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, couldn’t find success without voters. Your vote is one of the most powerful tools for creating a significant, sustained transformation at both the local and federal levels.

This year, The Alliance endorses two ballot measures. Read more about the measures below, and please be sure to cast your vote this election season!

We Endorse

The Alliance endorses ballot measure 306. This zero waste initiative, championed by grassroots environmental group Waste No More Denver, will require all businesses—including apartment complexes, condos, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and sporting arenas—to provide compost and recycling pickup services. It will also require all construction and demolition waste to be sustainably managed. A whopping 82% of Denver’s waste comes from businesses, apartment and construction sites, so voting yes on ballot measure 306 will make an enormous difference in Denver’s environmental impact. In addition, ballot measure 306 will strengthen Denver’s economy by creating local green-collar jobs and will make sustainability more accessible by ensuring that every Denver resident can choose to recycle or compost. Vote YES on ballot measure 306!

The Alliance also endorses Proposition 123. Home and rental costs have outpaced the increase of wages and have made living in Colorado more expensive than ever before. Proposition 123 will seek to make Colorado more affordable by dedicating .01% of taxable income to building affordable homes and expanding home ownership opportunities for Coloradans. This will allow hardworking people to remain in the cities they call home, limiting urban sprawl and the increase of emissions, congestion and pollution that come with it. Proposition 123 explicitly prioritizes funding for high-density, mixed-use, environmentally sustainable projects. Vote YES on Proposition 123!

How to Vote

Election day is on November 8th, but early voting in Colorado can begin up to 15 days before election day. You can register to vote through Election Day! Check out or the Go Vote Colorado webpage for information on registering to vote and finding early voting near you.

Midterm elections often see decreased voter turnout, though they remain as important as presidential elections in determining our collective future. Please remember to vote and encourage your loved ones to vote as well. Feel free to share this blog and its included resources far and wide.

Thank you for doing your part to build a better world! Systems level change is impossible without individual action.