Bills to Support for a Regenerative Future

The Alliance’s Coalition for a Regenerative Future proudly endorses six new regenerative bills this legislative session! After influencing 20 new state laws in 2021, the momentum hasn’t stopped: The Coalition’s recommendations appear in five of the six new bills we support. To learn more, read The Coalition’s 2022 Policy Platform, an innovative, crowdsourced document representing the bold, transformational ideas of The Coalition’s 350+ members.

The need for policy to fight climate change is greater than ever—and our voices are stronger together. You can make a difference with a single phone call to your legislator expressing your support for these bills. Read more on each bill below, and find your legislator here.

  1. SB22-138 Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • This bill will establish interim GHG goals for the state and require the insurance industry to prepare and file climate risk assessments.
  2. HB22-1151 Turf Replacement Program
    • This bill requires the Colorado Water Conservation Board to develop a statewide program to provide financial incentives for water-wise landscaping.
  3. HB22- 1355 Extended Producer Responsibility
    • This bill creates a producer responsibility program for statewide recycling.
  4. HB 22-1159 Waste Diversion and Circular Economy Development Center
    • This bill creates a Circular Economy Development Center in the Department of Public Health and Environment.
  5. SB22-193 Air Quality Improvement Investments
    • This bill is composed of nine measurements dedicated to improving Colorado’s air quality. Read more about the nine measurements at the links below.
    • Electric School Bus Investment
    • Ozone Season Transit Fares / Bus Rapid Transit Pilot
    • Low Emission Trucks
    • Electric Bike Rebates and Ride Share
    • Air Quality Transformation
    • Colorado Clean Air Grant Program
    • Oil & Gas Aerial and Localized Monitoring
    • Advanced Energy Codes
    • Clean Air Building Investment
  6. HB22-1249 Electric Grid Resilience and Reliability Roadmap
    • This bill requires the Colorado Energy Office to develop a roadmap for improving the resilience and reliability of electric grids in the state.

If our vision resonates with you, join the Coalition today!