Our Collective Impact in 2022

There’s no doubt about it: 2022 was a strange year. Colorado continued to contend with the effects of the pandemic and climate change. The nation achieved historic climate legislation and faced another contentious Election Day. The world grappled with cost of living crises and the outbreak of a war that greatly changed the global energy landscape. Nevertheless, we continued our work to create a regenerative future. In fact, 2022 was one of our most inspiring and impactful years to date, with major successes for environmental policy, regenerative agriculture, clean energy and more. Because of your financial support, this year we were able to achieve enormous collective impact. We worked to:

Change Colorado’s policy landscape

Thanks to the hard work of our Coalition members and our innovative strategy for policy development, we influenced 24 new state laws and directed $526 million of state funding in 2022! We are currently developing our 2023 policy platform and preparing to collaborate with lawmakers again in next spring’s legislative session.

Elevate regenerative agriculture across the state

Our regenerative farm tour in September brought together more than 50 individuals to support local farmers, bridge the urban-rural divide and experience regenerative agriculture in practice. In October, we launched the statewide Healthy Soils Challenge with a party attended by more than 200 regenerative agriculture advocates, including Governor Jared Polis!

Spearhead a managed energy transition

This summer, we commissioned a study to better understand the oil and gas industry and its true impact on Colorado. We found that a just transition for Colorado is not only immediately necessary, but is fully economically viable! Our Just Transition Roundtable Series is now underway. We also activated a 27kW solar array on our building this year, offsetting about 7% of our energy use.

Continue our equity journey

In partnership with The Equity Project, we hosted an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion workshop series throughout 2022 to ensure that the work of our Coalition members is guided and informed by equity. We have also been collaborating with The Equity Project to develop an equity blueprint for our next strategic framework. Our team looks forward to accomplishing deeper and better EDI work in the years to come.

Grow our community of changemakers

This year saw the Coalition grow to 385 members! We also welcomed six new tenants to our building and collaborated with dozens more changemakers through our coworking opportunities. In total, we supported more than 30 organizations, 300 professionals, 80 events and 1,200 event attendees through our nonprofit center! Seven hardworking, passionate individuals joined our staff and three joined our board, poising us for success when the Coalition expands nationally next year.

Help Us Make 2023 a Success

The growth and impact of The Alliance this past year would not have been possible without our donors. And we have even more exciting things planned for 2023! Next year will bring a new name, a new brand and an evolved strategy for action. This work combines all of the lessons we have learned through our years of convening changemakers and sets forth an ambitious plan for furthering our collective impact.

But we need your support to make it happen! Your donation will go further on Colorado Gives Day. Colorado Gives Day takes place this year on December 6th, but you can schedule your donation today. Whether you donate $10 or $10,000, you are contributing to a regenerative future.

In these challenging times, bringing people together to solve systemic problems is more important now than ever. We are so grateful for your continued support, and we look forward to including you in our impactful plans for 2023!