Unveiling Our Crowdsourced Policy Platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of policymaking, The Coalition for a Regenerative Future aims to bring inclusivity and innovation to the forefront. In late 2023, we embarked on our yearly process to crowdsource policy ideas from our members, bringing the voices of everyday individuals into the heart of policy creation. Through our crowdsourced policy platform, we’ve fostered a direct connection between people and the policies that shape their future. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing summaries of each section of the policy platform, which include comprehensive recommendations for regenerative agriculture, workforce development, climate resilience, water, infrastructure and housing. You can read the entire platform here.

Amplifying Underrepresented Voices

Our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond the conventional channels of policy creation. Instead of relying solely on the input of lobbyists and established organizations, we sought ideas from the everyday citizens who often go unheard in the policymaking process.

We hosted the Just Transition Roundtable Series to bring together representatives from labor, environmental justice and community groups. These meetings explored the needs of workers and communities that rely on the fossil fuel industry. The recommendations from these meetings informed HB 23-1074. Since then, The Coalition has been working with the Colorado Fiscal Institute on a statewide survey and community listening tour. The survey will identify worker’s priorities for new work, the training opportunities that interest them and how their local governments and unions can support them.

The Crowdsourcing Process

The process all begins with a Google Doc. We initiated a crowdsourcing campaign, inviting Coalition members and the public to share their ideas through an accessible and collaborative Google Doc. This year, we hosted Coalition brainstorming sessions and partnered with other community organizations to poll and survey their members. We also attended numerous community events to ensure we were hearing from more than the “usual suspects” when it comes to policy. Ideas were collected and ranked based on community support, giving a voice to the most pressing concerns and innovative solutions.

Refinement with Policy Writers

Recognizing the importance of translating ideas into actionable policies, we collaborated with experienced policy writers to refine the suggestions. We also tied each policy idea to federal funding opportunities. These crucial steps ensured that the proposals were not only well-crafted but also aligned with legal and legislative frameworks. The synergy between grassroots ideas and professional expertise resulted in a robust and comprehensive policy platform.

Connecting People to Policy

The heart of our mission lies in creating a direct link between the people and policymakers. As the refined policy platform takes shape, we leverage our connections with legislators to present a comprehensive and community-driven agenda before the legislative session begins. This process ensures that the policies being considered have a real and tangible connection to the needs and aspirations of the people.

In an era where collaboration and inclusivity are paramount, The Coalition for a Regenerative Future stands at the forefront of change. Our crowdsourced policy platform exemplifies the power of unity, illustrating how the collective wisdom of the people can shape a regenerative and equitable future!