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Regenerative means to restore, to renew, to heal. The climate crisis we face was created by the degenerative, extractive and exploitative systems at play in our lives. Sustainability refers to maintaining and preserving—anything can be sustained for a certain amount of time, including those harmful systems. Regenerative practices work to heal the damage caused by humanity’s overconsumption and create new systems in balance with nature. We believe that regeneration and sustainability work together in a cycle that honors the constant change and flux of our world.


We work to build a regenerative future based on the eight fundamentals listed below. Informed by deep community listening, these eight building blocks are grounded in four foundational elements: (1) driving systems-level climate solutions (2) through collective action, and (3) weaving equity through all our work to (4) advance well-being for all


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We bring people together to develop and advance solutions for a thriving planet.


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We believe in a regenerative future where people and planet are treated with love, dignity and respect.


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We unite the collective power of environmental and social movements so that together we can move from merely surviving to truly thriving.


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The Coalition for a Regenerative Future launched in 2020 after The Alliance hosted the Colorado Emergence Series in response to the pandemic. These listening sessions convened hundreds of Coloradans from all walks of life to build the post-pandemic future that they wanted to see.


The Coalition prototypes and tests ideas rapidly to advance only the solutions that can quickly and equitably mitigate climate change. The Coalition’s current projects focus on justly transitioning to clean and renewable energy, drawing carbon out of the atmosphere through soil health, developing the workforce for green industries and crowdsourcing and advancing equitable policies. Working groups convene regularly to accelerate projects and impact.


Place-based and local in application, the model is scalable and replicable both nationally and internationally. 


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